# Full stack web developer

Full stack web developer

Remote Full Time     Utrecht, Netherlands
Posted date: 17 Jan 2019
Closing: 23 Jun 2019


We are looking for a full stack web developer that has a good experience in the following technologies : 

  • PHP (native)
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Git
  • Composer
  • rabbitMQ (optional but willing to learn)
  • NodeJS (optional but willing to learn)
  • GoLang (optional but willing to learn)

Additionally to the following skills, the candidate must have an experience working with APIs and IPNs mainly  : 
Facebook, Paypal, Stripe

The candidate needs to know how to code properly, that means the candidate needs to create a clean, readable code that can be understood by his teammates and must also always take security in consideration  (we all hate insecure code). And also because we are a company that deals with a lot of data the candidate must make code that scales (a code that runs well for 100 users may not run as smoothly with 10K users).
Candidate must be able to take intensive load (this is the life at a startup) without cracking up and must also be willing to learn new technologies needed from him, and also be able to communicate properly with the team and be very reliable.


Full stack web developer




Full Time


Web Development

Experience level

2-5 years

Minimum weekly availability

40 hours


800 $ per month (USD) (Negotiable)